Monday, July 25, 2011

☞ SHOP: Harlem Shambles Arriving at Livmor

We were the first to report back in June that a work permit was filed for a new store (a butcher shop) at the Livmor condos on FDB and 115th Street and now it looks like a name has been chosen for that said establishment.  A reader sent in a tip over the weekend that the Harlem Shambles has posted a sign up in the window space of the new construction and that refrigerator equipment could be seen within the interior.  This would be the first retail space to arrive at the building and will also be using Harlem in its moniker as a selling point.  From the sound of it, the owners are really working hard at creating a certain concept and feel to the store so it should be one to look out for.  The word "shambles" evidently is an old name for a butcher shop. Check out the original permit in our past post: LINK.  As far as the Harlem sports bar goes, there does not seem to be any progress on that reported Livmor tenant which may not be a contender any more: LINK

UPDATE: A reader sent us a link to Forrester Brothers Meats which has a cool 19th century image up but also confirmed they secured a "very favorable block, with a solid neighborhood crowd, and a number of upscale businesses either recently open or on the way. The new shop should be open late this summer on Frederick Douglass Blvd, between 115th and 116th streets."  Check out more blog entries here: LINK

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  1. A reader sent in the link to the Forrester Brother Meats site. Link added so check it out.