Thursday, November 3, 2011

☞ DWELL: 2056 Fifth Condos Back on Market

Has a summer sale of condos over at the former Rhapsody on Fifth now turned into a quick flip? Back in July, it was reported that the last four remaining listings at 2056 Fifth Avenue were sold in an all-cash deal for the price of $483,668 each: LINK.  The eyebrow-raising detail was that the units had originally been going for $690K-$950k along with the fact that the buyer was from Canada. A reader has now tipped us off to the fact that three of the units have returned to the market with the price range set from $715K to $1.185 million.  Checking up on Streeteasy, we found that three of those units are definitely available currently but the fate unit of 2B is still unclear: LINK.  Maybe the investor has decided to keep this one as their own Harlem abode?


  1. 2B is undergoing minor renovations, it will probably be on the market soon.

  2. You posted recently that the Mount Moriah Church, right next door, is also undergoing a change in ownership.