Thursday, January 19, 2012

☞ DWELL: Ellington on the Park 95 Percent Sold

Another early press release for 2012 has it that Ellington on the Park located at 130 Bradhurst and 148th Street is now at 95 percent sold. According to the developers, 11 closings have been completed in the last part of the year at the new development facing Jackie Robinson Park. Of the 133 units, only 7 units remain which include; 2 two-bedroom, one-bathroom homes, 2 two-bedroom, two-bathroom homes and 3 three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes, which range in price from $435,000 - $649,000. Checking up on Streeteasy, it does appear that 7 units are left and one of the last contracts for 2011 closed in late December: LINK.  More details at:

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