Monday, January 23, 2012

☞ SHOP: What's Up with the Old Vinegar Hill?

A Bespoke reader sent in some evidence that the rumors of a major chain arriving at the former restaurant spaces by West 137th Street and Broadway might actually be true.  This corner of West Harlem used to have the Mexican eatery Tres Pasos, the Vinegar Hill sandwich shop and Cafe Largo but all have been shuttered for over a couple of years now. Notices had been posted stating that these establishments would open once more but now the spaces are being gutted into one large storefront.  Furthermore, that gourmet deli sign that has been hanging out front in the past year seems to also be something that might not really be happening.  More photos and what is possibly arriving to this retail row after the jump.

There have been reports that a Duane Reade will open in this part of Harlem and based on some of the DOB paperwork currently up on site, it appears that this might just happen.  The lower photo shows a permit that states a new pharmacy store will be set up at this particular corner uptown.  Considering the size of the combined spaces altogether, it would now make sense that a large chain store will be arriving sometimes in the future.


  1. How many "Gourmet Deli's" do we need in upper manhattan? they all sell the same Boars Head cold cuts!

  2. Yes, as discussed on this site last year, it's going to be a Duane Reade (according to someone I know on Community Board 9). Because, you know, we really NEED another drugstore in the area. Another restaurant or a bar would've been much better, but I guess the DR Corporation was the one able to cough up the money for that large space.