Tuesday, June 19, 2012

☞ READ: Update at Taystee Bakery Site

The Real Deal reports that the Taystee Bakery site in West Harlem is one step closer to the estimated groundbreaking set for summer 2013. Janus Partners LLC and Monadnock Construction formed Taystee Create LLC and closed on the deal last week that sold off the site located between 125th and 126th by Amsterdam Avenue for $3.4 million.  This was originally property owned by the city and another $100 million will be invested by Taystee Create with the goal of preserving the original structure but also building additions on top that will total 140,000 square foot all together.  Sugar Hill Golden Ale plans to relocate their brewing facility from upstate at this point but other anchors are still pending: LINK


  1. I think this is exciting. The location is a unique one with a ton of potential.

    It certainly feels like things are lining up for a Harlem boom, especially by 2016 when Columbia's first new Manhattanville building is set to open.

  2. Good to see jobs coming into the area that AREN'T retail.