Monday, June 11, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: Lucky's Rendezvous

The venue known today as St. Nick's Pub originally started out as a jazz venue called Lucky's Rendezvous and was apparently very popular with Harlem's gay community in the 1940s.  Lucky's was opened by Lucky Roberts who had the distinction of being Duke Ellington's piano player.

This spot at 773 St. Nicholas Avenue and 148th Street had all the jazz greats stop by and perform but the boîte also had one notable publication of the time pointing out that "male couples are so commonplace . . . that no one looks twice at them." Rumor has it that Marlon Brando frequented Lucky's quite often after James Baldwin introduced him to the spot.  Lucky's Rendezvous would later become the Pink Angel in the 1950s and then finally St. Nick's by the 1960s.


  1. Does anyone know if/when St. Nick's pub might be reopening?

  2. That is whaT I was gonna ask.

    Both St. Nick's and Minton's are closed now, am I right?

    Too bad.

    1. Well, I noticed some people inside and in front of it early last week. I hope it was finally resolving its "issues" and reopening...We shall see !

  3. My college advisor dated James Baldwin back in the day, or so he implied. Perhaps they hung out there together? He's since passed on so I can't ask, but perhaps when St. Nick's reopens I'll go and have a drink in his honor.

  4. Some of these classic Harlem Jazz spots are not doing so well, St Nicks, Minton’s Playhouse, Lenox Lounge. With the many new bars and visitors to Harlem they should be booming, very sad.

  5. It's hard to do well when you aren't open for business.