Tuesday, July 17, 2012

☞ EAT: Les Ambassades Lenox Now Open

Les Ambassades' second restaurant at 341 Lenox and 127th Street has finally opened according to a Bespoke reader who took the above photo.  The popular restaurant on the lower FDB corridor decided to open up a buffet version on upper Lenox in the past year but that idea apparently did not do well.   This new branch shut down in the beginning of the summer and now the new eatery is a more formal restaurant with a bar and table service.


  1. i miss the buffet-- i used to eat there 3x a week. i had lunch there last week.

  2. Still have Jacob harlemhomme! Brilliant place, although, maybe Les Ambassades had some other items on the menu.

  3. It sucks they got rid of the original signage I guess reproducing it wasn't worth the cost

  4. Yes, Chris, I do Manna's from time to time but i enjoyed the Senegalese buffet @ Les Ambassades--the dibi lamb, and lamb w/rice, and the grilled talapia with onions was wonderful.

    1. Chris: I meant that I do Jacob's not Manna's in my previous post