Thursday, September 27, 2012

☞ DRINK: Another Lounge for Manhattanville

Bespoke readers have mentioned that signs announcing the arrival of a new lounge have popped up at an old storefront across from Fairway in Manhattanville's commercial corridor on 12th Avenue.  A former beer distribution company at 133rd Street will now be a new establishment called 9A NYC but that is all the information we have on hand now.  This industrial section of West Harlem has slowly transformed with a handful of restaurants and night spots opening in the past years but rapid development has been somewhat stalled by the construction of the new Columbia campus which has demolished many of the buildings.   With that said, any of the businesses that stick around when the university finishes up will probably reap the benefits of the new student population that will flood the area.


  1. A little digging showed that this seems to be owned by the owners of "Body Lounge" up the street. So, if that's your idea of a good time, lucky you. Otherwise...

  2. Body Lounge is bankrupt and bad. This "club" I'm sure will be as seedy.

  3. Ugh... not holding my breath on this one. Would prefer a nice restaurant or bar (a la Harlem Tavern or Harlem Public). I'm all for entrepreneurship, but I just don't see a value proposition for a club in this particular spot. Add to that the fact that it doesn't really do anything to enhance the neighborhood (and may even detract from it) and it's a tough sell in my mind. I think this might be a miss on several fronts. Hope they prove me wrong.

  4. We could use a music venue in the facility near Covo instead of seedy nightlife spots. These nightlife places all go under and are driven by drug money. Where is a good concert hall for bands, etc. to play. Could be a big draw for Columbia and City College kids.

  5. Just to clarify about 9A Kitchen and Lounge:

    We are Sports Bar and Restaurant

    The situation and circumstances at Body have nothing to do with the current owner or anyone affiliated with 9A Kitchen and Lounge

    We are opening soon and would be happy to have you for lunch or dinner to see what we have to offer.

    Please save your judgments until after we open and we will show you our value and place in the community.

  6. I have seen 9a for what it is and am very excited about it up incoming opening season. Body is a different type of venue all together and they cater to a different crowd. The owners and culturally diverse leadership is working hard to bring something refreshing and new to the area with out deterring the current residents but in fact welcoming them in with open arms. The NY driven design of the venue and the open spaces of the interior in combination with the ultra tech savvy bar equipment will be the talk of the town. In the words of Trinidad James "don't believe me just watch"