Tuesday, January 15, 2013

☞ EAT: What's Up With Cedric's?

A few inquiries have come in on the status of Cedric's over on St. Nicholas Avenue and 119th Street. Paper has now covered the window of the French bistro in South Harlem and some have wondered if the restaurant has closed for good. Based on a note posted in the windows last week, it appears that a Christmas tree behind the bar area caught fire and now the restaurant has to remodel. The eatery also state that it will open quickly with a new and improved look in the near future.

1 comment:

  1. I hope Cedric returns stronger and without a TV over the bar, it is annoying to me that an intimate place like Cedric has to have a TV as I would rather go to a place like that and speak with my companion uninterrupted by such distractions. It is such a lovely layout and really is a place to be seen, people dress up, so I wish they would remove the annoying sound and banal moving images in the corner that denotes the most common living rooms across the country. I wish all good eateries would realize they are better than the most common living room and give up on the distracting TV!