Friday, March 29, 2013

☞ READ: Community Rallies with Chipped Cup

There is a story that received coverage from New York magazine because one Facebook users threatened the Chipped Cup in Hamilton Heights on their support for marriage equality. An equality sign went up on the chalkboard out front of the coffee shop at 149th at Broadway yesterday and was posted on Facebook.  An offended individual then responded by posting that the java joint just lost a customer. The Chipped Cup responded, " Thank Goodness." Then the said customer threaten to bring negative publicity upon the popular coffee spot and ended up calling them hateful on Yelp and ranting on twitter.

In response, The Chipped Cup has had major media attention, received almost 280 likes on their Facebook post dealing with the matter and apparently gained several more customers than the one lost: LINK


  1. Glad this worked out well for The Chipped Cup giving them great publicity and hopefully more customers for their coffee and victuals. It pays to be social media savvy.

  2. Good for Chipped Cup! We should never give in to bigots.