Thursday, May 23, 2013

☞ DWELL: 58 West 129th Street Condos

A Bespoke reader mentioned this week that the developer responsible for 5 West 127th was working on a new construction at West 129th Street so we went straight to the source.  It turns out that the condos have not been built yet since the new development is just breaking ground at 58 West 129th Street.  This was originally the site of a small building that the Mormon congregation used before the huge church was built down the block and now will be a 7-story condo with 19 units, some very bespoke paneled windows, and a community facility.  We received the sketch today for the building that will be next door to the wildly popular Lenox Coffee and expect this one to do just as well as the 5 West 127th Street which sold out in only a few months without a single open house: LINK


  1. The correct address is 58 West 129th as seen in the rendering.

  2. Was just at Lenox Coffee this am and saw much work being done---site clearing; truck loads of debris being taken out. Exciting times in Harlem.....

  3. This building is having a serious impact on the community garden to its left as well as destroying the views of the apartments in the building above Lenox Coffee.