Tuesday, July 30, 2013

☞ REMEMBER: Crossing 125th and 7th circa 1938

An archival photo from 1938 shows what the north side of 125th Street by 7th Avenue used to look like back in the day when the neighborhood had most of its original structures.  The lower photo shows this intersection now and that entire block has been demolished and replaced by new buildings in the past couple of decades or so.  Another interesting detail of the older image is that one can see how diverse Harlem was back in this particularly decade.

Vintage photo via Shorpy


  1. A whole different time and different world. How diverse... it's cyclical. Harlem 2020 will look very similar.

  2. My maternal grandfather came to Harlem that year-1938-He came here from N.C. via Washington DC where he lived for a few months with an older brother. Unable to find steady work someone suggested NYC. Once here he found a "kitchenette" on Hamilton Terrace. He always told me about the "street cars" along 125th Street & how overwhelmed he was by all the shopping choices on 125th Street. But mostly it was the diversity that really impressed him. He would encounter Jews, East Indians, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Italians & Irishmen for the first time in his life. All here in Harlem.

  3. Thank you Greg. You always have great insight on Harlem that most everyone else do no bring up.