Friday, September 27, 2013

☞ INTRODUCING: Mountain Bird Debuts on 145th

The new eatery called Mountain Bird has debuted on Harlem's West 145th Street (on the north side) between FDB/8th Avenue and ACP/7th Avenue.  A Japanese duo runs the restaurant that specializes in all things poultry done in the European school but with a slight Nippon inflection.  Foodies will appreciate the Head to Toe chicken appetizer plate which appears to be similar to the offal offered at yakitori restaurants but with an upgrade (click on menu to enlarge).  Dinner service is now being offered from 5:00PM but folks should expect brunch in the near future.  Right now, Mountain Bird is BYOB, cash only and closed on Mondays also.

As far as the ambiance of the space goes, Mountain Bird feels like that cool downtown restaurant that is missing uptown.  The ceilings are nicely coffered which is a rare element to be found in Harlem and the trendy black hex tiles can be found on the flooring finishes. Marble bistro tables, vintage mirrors, wall sconces and lace curtains all add to the successful charm of the new establishment which will sure be a destination spot for Fall 2013.  This intersection of Central Harlem at 231 West 145th Street really has not changed much in years so Mountain Bird is definitely one to watch out for.  


  1. GREAT addition ! I will check it out over the weekend !

  2. Best food hands down in Harlem. I love the vibe, unpretentious little French place with excellent food. Only concern is getting in once the word is out, because it seats only 19.

  3. Try that food in Harlem. Elegant not fussy, charming service, une slam dunque.

  4. Shockingly good formal French fare. Agreed that Mountain Bird is the best kept secret in Harlem so far. Our dining review will be up next week.

  5. Pas mal ! The ambiance is GREAT, a wonderful addition to the area, hope it attracts other upscale places to the area ! Good Salads and the Vanilla butter is great. Nice to know there is a good place close.

  6. Thanks for the heads up everyone, it is beginning to be very difficult to keep up with all the new eateries coming on board.

    Now if only the retail would start to catch up.

    1. True David ! Let's hope that local folks from the area also open new business !

  7. so close to my home!!! finally!