Tuesday, February 18, 2014

☞ DWELL: 465 West 141st Street Sold Higher

UPDATE:  Public Records/estimate on Trulia has changed to an even higher number since this post was written and the data entry to that site seems to be in question for the number listed.  This property was pulled off the market recently and ACRIS does not officially show a sale.  The post has been removed and Harlem Bespoke  regrets any misunderstanding within the report.

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  1. No record of sale at all listed on ACRIS, which is the official source for these records. I think the Trulia # is just the Trulia estimate of its value, not sale price; the history section of the page lists the most recent sale as being in 2000. (Also, seems unlikely that a house that didn't sell for over a year would then go for $600K over ask).