Monday, February 10, 2014

☞ RENT: An Adaptive Reuse Apartment at PS157

A very rare rental has become available at PS157 at 127th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue.  We came upon the listing after a friend had mentioned that they knew a couple who wanted a bigger space than their small downtown 2-bedroom Brooklyn apartment for under $3,000 a month in Harlem.  Checking on what was available in Harlem, we discovered that the coveted former school building situated right by the express train station, Maison Harlem and St. Nicholas Park is available for $2,900 a month.  The only drawback is that the unit appears to be on the 5th floor (the mansard roof section) which might be a walkup but maybe those dramatic ceilings, arched windows and 1,000-square-foot of space is worth it: LINK


  1. That building actually has an elevator. So the 5th floor walkup doesn't really matter.

  2. My cousin used to live in this building, on the 5th floor. There is an elevator. The ceilings are very dramatic. I loved his space.