Thursday, August 14, 2014


We have been working this year to get the word out on some the notable local designers in Harlem that are part of new scene of diverse artisans who are some of the best talents in the city.  Boy Beads has been hand-crafting semiprecious stone accessories at a South Harlem studio and has acquired a following of over 7,000 on instagram while African print menswear collections such as Royal Jelly Harlem has been featured in GQ on many occasions.  Women's hat designer Karema Deodato has a following uptown and will now debut a men's line in the upcoming month.  Then there is the designer from Beriqisu who recently had singer Beyonce wear one of her looks on an outing when the label was called Dreams of Fash.

Right now the movement to shop local is an important one for New York City for so many reasons and folks can support the new Harlem talent at the next Sugar Hill Market this coming Sunday, August 17th at the Garden Gallery of La Maison d'Art, Number 259 West 132nd Street just east of FDB from Noon to 6:00PM: LINK

To get daily updates on Sugar Hill Market and the latest news on Harlem artisans, follow the Sugar Hill Market Instagram site: LINK


  1. I am liking the boy beads.

    Can a middle aged dude like me get away with it?

    1. At the last event, men of all ages were purchasing from Boy Beads. There is a wide variety to choose from!