Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Piece of Velvet opened in Fort Greene Brooklyn a couple of years back and now the red velvet cake purveyors have established a second branch at 17 West 125th Street.  This shop is notable since the famous Cake Man Raven's staff started up the business after the baker closed his namesake business in 2012.  A Bespoke reader mentioned that they checked out the new shop just west of Fifth Avenue and told the staff that they will definitely give a shout out to Harlem Bespoke about the opening but the team on hand had no idea what they were talking about. With that said, we welcome this Brooklyn business to the neighborhood and folks who want a little more details should check out the Piece of Velvet website: LINK


  1. I constantly promote Harlem Bespoke to every store I walk into in Harlem but unfortunately most of it's employee never heard of Harlem Bespoke!! I'm guessing they are not from this neighborhood?

  2. The only way I find out about new businesses in Harlem (besides serendipitously walking past them) is on Harlem Bespoke. Anyone opening up a business up here needs to get the attention of this site (as far I'm concerned). Especially if they want to get people from one part of Harlem (say Central Harlem) to visit (Morningside Heights or Hamilton Heights). Small businesses really need to get savvy about marketing if they don't want 125th to be just big box stores.

    That said, welcome to the neighborhood, Red Velvet!!