Thursday, October 9, 2014


Harlem-based jammer Crosstown Sweets recently explained to us why they decided to make one combination that is part blueberry and part apricot.  This local artisanal startup that will be at Sugar Hill Market on Sunday, October 12th has more natural flavor than sugar as focus and thus the answer makes perfect sense:

I think blueberries and apricots make a really nice jam. I find that blueberries by themselves make a jam that is too bland and sugary. Adding the apricot adds so much flavor and gives a tartness to the jam which I love.  Also, I only use just picked local and seasonal fruit.  Blueberries and apricots are in season at the same time.

Crosstown Sweets also offer other unique flavors such as Raspberry Shiso, Apple Fennel and Plum Star Anise.  Make sure to drop by the market this weekend to get a fresh batch: LINK

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