Monday, February 2, 2015


We checked out the new Harlem Pizza Company on 116th Street again this past weekend to see if things were up and going after our first review back in December.  Our weekends usually start pretty early so we stopped by at about 5 minutes after Noon but the delivery guy out front mentioned that the main chef was not there yet.  The sous chef was on hand and said he could make the pizza and proceed to craft our pick of the day which was the anchovy pie.

Diners have become more adventuresome in the past years but we have not seen any classic fish options on pizzas uptown but HPC is offering a bit more variety than most.  These artisan pies are all made to order and the preparation includes slicing individual garlic cloves and meticulously placing each ingredient in a visually pleasing fashion.  What we liked about this version is that olives were included within the presentation and thus had the flavor profile of Puttanesca sauce.  Combined with the char and chew of the wood oven crust, this artisan shop might just be the best pie parlour uptown.

For those just looking for a slice joint, this is not the spot.   Harlem Pizza Company only has 12 inch pies made to order but they do deliver.  Wine and beer will be arriving soon on the menu at this casual spot that has the right amount of charm to make sit in dining a viable option.  Check out the official Facebook site for more details: LINK


  1. This place is great!

  2. thanks fro reminding me. after the former il forno pizza, where i was a regular, closed i kinda put the location out of my mind. will def check it out this week