Tuesday, March 17, 2015


We made a trip over to the cusp of East Harlem yesterday to check out the artisan doughnuts by Dough Loco at 24 East 97th Street.  This small storefront just west of Madison Avenue is probably one of the hippest spots on this block which kind of feels like the Upper East Side but the aesthetics and offerings of the boutique shop are more downtown in attitude.  The majority of the space is taken up by the kitchen in the back and there is only compact counter and a minuscule side bar to sit at out front.  With that said, it really is the doughnuts that stand out here.

Unique flavors like, Maple Miso, Blood Orange with poppy seeds,  Rasberry Sriracha, Blueberry Rosemary, Nutella (!) and just good old Chocolate are some of the daily sweet fixes that are offered up.  Each doughnut is also as big as your open hand and equally tall like a muffin with a balanced fresh dough that is not too sweet.  These specialty treats could easily be shared since they are so large and we could only try the blueberry option yesterday because of calorie concerns but kind of wish the more adventuresome route was taken.  Coffee is also on hand for customers and Dough Loco does ship larger orders for those interested: LINK

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  1. those doughnuts look nuts.

    in a great way!