Thursday, March 19, 2015


HB tends to do restaurant reviews on what is really great to try out in Harlem but some might wonder why we seldom mentions other spots.  If an eatery is somewhat lacking we would rather just not recommend it versus going on with a bad review.  A good case in point is one pizza purveyor that serves up variations of egg pies which has been quite trendy downtown.  This is a tricky endeavor for cooking pizza in a stone oven since the eggs involved should end up still runny when finished and everything else should be crispy perfection.

We had a pretty solid crust at the aforementioned restaurant but everything else was just somewhere in the middle.  Toppings looked lukewarm at best and the egg itself apparently was poached separately and placed on top after everything was finished up. Better versions of this dish that we have tried at other places have the eggs baked in with bright yolks visible when served.  If our friends from downtown or even Brooklyn would visit one of these establishments, they would think that Harlem has a long ways to go so we would prefer not to mention them at all.

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