Wednesday, April 1, 2015


More photos are coming in from Bespoke readers of the demolition of The Renaissance Ballroom located on 7th Avenue between 138th and 139th Street.  What has now been demolished is the north end of the structure on the 139th Street corner which was the largest section of the historic ballroom and home basketball court of the first black basketball team called The Rens.  As can be seen at the lower photo, only the south portion of the unofficial landmark now stands as of this afternoon.  Our tipster wondered if the last section could be saved but after almost 4,500 signatures in protest against razing the historic structure, it would appear that voice of the community has fallen upon deaf ears.


  1. No sense in being out raged and angry now. Its done & Harlem is now officially over!!!!

  2. that is the attitude they want you to have!

    defeated resignation!

    how about this being a call to arms for more historic districts uptown?

  3. Would love to make a "call to arms" as you call it, however the problem is motivating people, especially the "old-timers" as to the worthiness of such a project. Many people are time strapped, money strapped and exhausted and I don't see people rallying around the projects. Its difficult to motivate people. Maybe even more difficult to be a "cheer leader" for stuff like this. Its so much easier to shake one's fist and shake one's head and move on.