Friday, May 15, 2015


The mini donuts shop only lasted a handful of months on the corner of 129th and Lenox but now a different type of restaurant is setting up shop.  Sushi Inoue just put up a temporary sign in the window which has been covered with bamboo shades for the past month so things must be coming along.  We have not seen the interior yet but expect this opening to happen probably by late Spring at the earliest.  Yuzu sushi just opened up a couple of blocks south and even more new Japanese eateries are planned for 2015: LINK


  1. Two sushi joints within a couple of blocks from each other in Harlem. Who woulda thunk it. Maybe Sushi spot #2 should transition to ramen so as not to spread the sushi too thin.

  2. My boyfriend and I just visited Sushi Inoue. They opened on Saturday and after just 4 days they are excellent! Chef Inoue opened the restaurant with the vision to educate the Harlem community on what the traditional sushi experience is like (no california rolls here). Every piece of sushi is handcrafted in front of you with art and precision and is presented one at a time. The fish is so fresh and some of the best I have had. Chef Inoue was very warm and personable and we will definitely return!