Thursday, July 16, 2015


Harlem Bespoke started out as a neighborhood, lifestyle and design blog.  We have not really been promoting some of the great menswear insiders from uptown as of late so will be spotlighting the taste makers to look out for on social media now that fashion week is at hand.  Style watchers know that Men's Fashion Week in New York City just launched again once more after being discontinued by the time the early aughts rolled around and that some of the most fashionable fellows live uptown.  

Randy Reed is as grooming editor that we see about Harlem all the time and is known as Mister Fresh on his Instagram account.  Men's skin lotions, beard oils or hair tonics are usually the theme of the day but the dapper dandy can be seen at many of the hot fashion shows this week and was recently photographed by the New York Times in the street style section.  Mister Reed makes traditional dressing modern by working with slimmer silhouettes and can often be seen wearing a bold accent pattern that sets the look apart from others in the crowd.  For more day to day Fashion Week followup, check out @iammisterfresh on Instagram: LINK

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