Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Harlem Bespoke started out as a neighborhood, lifestyle and design blog.  We have not really been promoting some of the great menswear insiders from uptown as of late so will be spotlighting who to look out for on social media now that fashion week is at hand.  Those who have been following the fashion world know that Men's Fashion Week in New York City just launched again once more after being discontinued by the time the early aughts rolled around.  

Tyrus Townsend is a Harlem resident we run into all the time at Sugar Hill Market and just saw on the subway today on his way to one of the fashion shows in West Chelsea looking very current to the scene outside.  Right now, menswear is really in a minimalist mode with solid neutrals worn as monotone or being mixed and matched in different proportion being the underlying theme.  Basics such as a baseball cap worn with a loosely tailored khaki jacket, pale trousers and a grey polo updates what otherwise a pure look.  Sneakers mix things up also and are a major trend these days.  Mr. Townsend is a local menswear editor has a blog called The Gentleman's Daily and is listed as a GQ insider.   For more updates, following @tyrusrochelltownsend on the instagram: LINK

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  1. This is a great post, and very informative. Keep them coming. Its nice to showcase the creative people of Harlem, luv this