Wednesday, July 22, 2015


With the average cocktail price somewhere around $12 to $15 these days, we often forget that there was a time one could actually get a decent meal within that price range.  Eater NY has put together a list of 15 best deals in the city that is actually around $10 or under and two notable new spots in Harlem are included.  Rai Rai Ken on Amsterdam by 133rd Street serves very straightforward Japanese ramen soup that purist might find more refreshing than the fancier renditions showing up all over town.  Then there is The Handpulled Noodle which also has only been open for a handful of months but the Chinese noodle joint constantly has a line of hungry locals within.  We like Rai Rai Ken better for noodle soup and Handpulled for the thicker, stir fry noodle offerings but everything is definitely worth a try at these two notable eateries.  Both only have very minimal bar seating and keep prices down by serving the meals in plastic bowls so are better for every day eating rather than that special night out.

Check out the full list on Eater: LINK

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