Monday, July 13, 2015


The 2nd Annual outdoors Harlem Bastille Day Festive was another great day uptown with perfect weather, great food, live jazz, petanque and shopping at 127th Street. HB was  co-sponsor of the event an works with Maison Harlem every year for this community festival that helps raise money for the local Global Language Project which promotes bi-lingual learning in low income communities.  Summer tends to be a little slow in Harlem for local markets and restaurants because of the nice weather but Bastille Day continues to draw in a steady crowd and Maison Harlem was at full seating all day.

Several of the vendors including the new H2Melon cold pressed juice stand ran out of stock by late afternoon which was also great news for the local small businesses that participated.  Some of the other Bastille celebrations in Manhattan are quite congested with tourists but uptowns celebration on the block of 127th Street felt more like a bustling gathering of neighbors and friends.  The Bespoke crew would like to thank everyone that participated or help make the day another great success and we will see everyone again next year!

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  1. it was great fun, love to see events like this get support.