Monday, July 6, 2015


Who can guess the vantage point of this Harlem intersection taken circa 1941?  One main clue is a landmark building in the background but much of the foreground has changed today.  A current photo will be posted later on in the day.

ANSWER: As can be seen in the lower photo, this is 135th Street at Lenox looking west.  There used to be a large school building at the south corner and also a firehouse but now all have been demolished.  The landmark YMCA still exists today but much on that side of the street has changed.

Archival image courtesy NYPL


  1. 135th & Lenox Ave.

  2. Actually this is West 125th & Lenox, looking north

  3. So I've taken some time to look at the photo more critically and my observation is that the street looks too narrow to be Lenox Avenue. The side walks appear to o narrow to be Lenox Avenue. Also there is a school building on the left. The building on the right is too tall to be the building that occupies the north side of 125th & Lenox. So now I have successfully confused myself. Also was there a center median on 125th Street back in '41" Looking northwest this looks so like a side street. But I just can't figure it out. If only my grandpa was still alive!

  4. Yup. Looking west on 135 Street from the Northeast Corner of Lenox and 135. YMCA Building between Lenox and ACP in the background. I think the street sign looks like it say Lenox as well

  5. 135th and Lenox looking to ACP.

    Sadly much is gone from the original and replaced with bland boxes and school yards. ugh