Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Chaiwali on Lenox by 124th Street finally opened today and definitely was worth all of the wait.  This boutique restaurant doubles as a casual eatery during the early hours and a small line of people were already out front when the doors opened at 7:00AM.  Spiced homemade chai teas freshly brewed during the course of the day is served up along with great Indian inspired bites that will have anyone who is a fan of bold, authentic flavors visiting this part of the Mount Morris Park neighborhood several times a week.

We sat down for lunch in the afternoon and pretty much could not believe that the menu items were all well under $9 for an entree which were served up on decidedly chic metal food trays.  There really is not a full menu at this point but the pole-caught tuna salad with Moroccan Msemen wrap was one of the more well seasoned plates that we have eaten uptown this side of year and should be an instant classic at the new hot spot. Crisp okra fries as a side came out perfectly golden and was a great pairing to the chicken chaat sandwich which was served up on a challah role.  Another amazing thing about the menu is that there are a lot of vegetarian options that actually are complete meals and not just an array of side dishes.

Chaiwali also has a takeout counter out front with freshly baked goods for those who do not have time to sit down for a proper bite.  Right now, the cafe is open only until 5:00PM but dinner service should roll out by the end of the month or so.  We told the owner's daughter that if the spare lunch menu is any indication of what dinner will be like, then Chaiwali could easily be one of the best restaurant openings in Harlem for 2015. Our only caveat is that most new establishments have to have a little time to get the service up to speed but for those who are patient will be happy they stuck around.

Those who want keep up with Chaiwali on a daily bases should check out the official Instagram account: LINK

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  1. It looks like vegetarian and vegan options are both labeled on the menu! I love that!