Saturday, November 28, 2015


We had a Sunday off last week and finally had a chance to drop by the new brunch service at Peque on 145th Street just east of FDB.  This charming tapas spot is at the former Mountain Bird space but has since transformed into a vintage bar with table seating at the other half of the storefront.  Brunch specials included Spanish style sandwiches called Bocadillos, Spanish Tortilla which is a type of savory omelet and a couple of updated options with grits as the starch.

Our previous dinner at the restaurant already confirmed that the Tortilla was worth trying out and we wanted to order the Shrimp with grits with Machego cheese along with the Patatas Bravas this time around.  Our gambas arrived on an antique plate and was surprisingly not saucy but full of flavor.  Everything was fresh and the perfectly cooked grits had a nice extra savory nuance from the Spanish cheese.  The fried potato wedges arrived as big chunks anchored in one of the best house made tomato sauces that we have tried uptown.  We made a mental note to select the bread pudding in the future but had another review to do for the day so kept the meal as light as possible.

Peque also serves up great drinks including house made sangria and mimosa for those who want a more festive brunch affair along with the requisite robust cup of coffee.  For more details on the Sunday Brunch service, check out the official Facebook site for the new eatery: LINK

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