Thursday, November 12, 2015


Brick Underground recently posted an article about Washington Heights that made a lot of relevant points about uptown living that people still get wrong. The media likes to talk about how expensive Manhattan is but the truth to the matter is that all of those reports are generated by real estate companies focusing on the areas below 96th Street.  Parts of Brooklyn are now even more expensive than prime Manhattan but younger transplants who think they can still get an affordable place and a certain authenticity head even further out to the now famous stretch of Long Island that is across the river from the city center.

Some key points from the piece using the Heights as an example is that rents are actually cheaper, crime lower, and the commute quicker than hot low-rent areas of Brooklyn such as happening Bushwick.  It all appears to be a great party neighborhood but anyone living in the city longer than ten years knows that the Brooklyn brand has been fabricated to what it is today.  Written by a born and raised Heights resident, the article talks about growing up in a true New York City neighborhood were the population is Dominican, Jewish or even Russian and how those who actually want to be in Manhattan can live here for less: LINK


  1. That was a great article, touched on some key points

  2. That tie in about George Washington stepping away from Brooklyn to go North in Manhattan. That made the article. This makes me so proud to live up here. Our version of gentrification is so rich and deep in history, gentrification just isn't the word. It's like an emergence of a city w such a grown professional mentality. I think the Williamsburg hipster thing is over, just saying

    1. I think what's happening uptown is less gentrification and more a REVIVAL of the whole neighborhood. There are so many new businesses owned and operated by Harlem natives and long-time locals. The neighborhood is coming back to life and it's going to flourish. It's already a fantastic neighborhood to live it and it will only keep getting better.