Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Who can guess the vantage point of this Harlem view taken circa 1928?  The trolleys would have made sense on this steep hill that is located within a rather industrial looking block.  One of the massive buildings on the right still stand today but the other one the next block up was demolished and replaced some decades ago.  The answer with an updated image will be posted later on.

ANSWER: Amsterdam looking north from 125th Street.  The large building at the right hand side on the next block is today called the Mink Building because it apparently became storage for winter wear at some point but was originally Harlem's only brewery before the Prohibition years.  In modern times, there is a low level bus depot the next block after and this image shows what the original building at that address used to look like.

Photo courtesy New York Department of Records

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  1. Looking up Amsterdam Ave from 125th. I think the Mink Building has a banner in that same location today.