Wednesday, January 13, 2016


After a long holiday and doing some major restaurant reviews in December, we decided to check out some of the healthier options to be found uptown for 2016.  An iPhone app that calculates approximate calories for each ingredient also comes in handy for getting a better idea of calorie count and we put some of uptown's favorites to the health test. Pretty much anything around 300 or under will be the ones to look out for.

We wanted to check out another casual dining option for our final salad week challenge and the new B&K French Cuisine on 7th Avenue just north of 128th Street came to mind.  A photo of the shrimp salad with three citrus dressing peaked our interest on Instagram recently so we decided to see what the $12 offering was all about.  This casual eatery only has a few high stools and a window bar for seating but the food really stood out more so than some of the other dishes that we have tried in the past week.  Warm, wild caught jumbo Gulf shrimp within the bowl were some of the largest we have seen uptown and had been exceptionally seasoned.  There were bright burst of sweetness from the chopped mango which also balanced out the nice acid notes of the citrus dressing on top of the greens.

Everything was around just under 200 calories but the bold flavors really made it feel like more.  Overall, this was the best healthy option we have had in 2016 for the price, quality and flavor.  B&K also caters and delivers so those who are interested should check out their Facebook site: LINK

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  1. I cant find menu or delivery info on the facebook page. do they have a website?