Friday, January 8, 2016


The old train station on 12th Avenue by the viaduct was apparently up for sale in the past few months.  As mentioned before, Covo just shuttered at 701 West 135th Street at the end of December but it is unclear what will happen to the building that also has had quite a few failed clubs as part of the complex.  Over 19,189 square foot of space had been on the market for the asking of $9.95 million but the listing has the property no longer available as of this week.


  1. Was that a Metro North or NYC subway station?
    Is it still intact with tile and amenities and worth looking at from a historical perspective

  2. I am wondering if a sort of mini-Chelsea Piers could work here

  3. I have always wondered what the building had once been, since the days it was completely open to the elements and only used as a shelter by the homeless (who would eerily just watch from the shadows as you walked by with a cart full of Fairway food.)

    Was thrilled when the building was refurbished & Covo opened with half-priced happy hour pizzas! Hope it comes back strong, as it is a unique little area.