Thursday, April 7, 2016


A Bespoke reader checked out Harlem Cycle at 2350 Adam Clayton Powell by 138th Street this past week and had the following  review to pass on.  Those interested in class schedules should go to the official website: LINK

In case you're interested, I went to Harlem Cycle's opening day last Saturday. Thought I'd send you my thoughts in case you wanted to share more about it, or check it out yourself. It's small, and the teachers seem great. The studio is welcoming and the bikes are good quality. At $25 a class (with discounts if buy packages of classes) it's less expensive than other boutique studios in the city.

 Still, if you want to take several classes a week it can add up. It definitely has a Harlem vibe, which is a plus. They have a reggae spin on Friday evening, and a Gospel spin on Sunday morning. And different classes are named after the area. For example, Sugar Hills and Strivers Row. They offer more interesting classes than most spin studios. They have your standard 45 - 60 minute classes, but also offer classes that are cardio on the bike, and then strength training, or pilates, or yoga. I think that it is absolutely worth checking out.


  1. Yes, this is huge for the neighborhood, I can't wait to check them out. Support local!

  2. Walked passed, peeked in and it looked amazing.
    exposed bricks and clean everything...
    Will be taking a class very soon!