Wednesday, April 13, 2016


A new facade has been added on to an old storefront at 3452 Broadway and now it looks like an oyster bar is arriving to this section of Hamilton Heights just below 141st Street.  We like the wood casement windows that have been installed in front of the shop and there are no true oyster bars in Harlem (some places do have them on the menu as a happy hours special) so there will is definitely room for a seafood specialty spot such as downtown's Pearl Oyster Bar.  The only thing that is off-putting here is that ramen seems to also be part of the mix so it appears this new business is trying to do a lot at one time.  It is hard enough to be good at one specialty and getting it right for two might be a bit ambitious.  

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  1. We just walked by and it looks to be a ramen spot that will just happen to serve raw oysters. An upated photo will be posted later on.