Friday, May 13, 2016


The beer garden over in Manhattanville is making some major strides over the past month and the new entry to the 12th Avenue commercial corridor could open by summertime from the look of things.   Classic white painted bricks and signage along with a lot greenery has transformed previously boring cafe space by West 133rd into a lush garden under the viaduct.  As can be seen in the center photo, large plank tables have been custom made for outdoor dining and we also noticed that the ceilings inside have all exposed rafters.  

Those globe lights around the perimeter are also a nice touch and will help brighten up the distant location during evening hours and bring a little more life to this industrial corner of West Harlem.  As previously mentioned, Bierstrasse is the second establishment opening from the found of The Grange tavern and should be one of the big debuts for 2016: LINK


  1. They're hoping to open this weekend!

    1. That's super exciting!! I hope so.

  2. Haha, I'd like to order a case of déjà vu. This was very near another of Manhattanville's Civil War-era beer taverns. Mrs. Parker's Lager Bier Depot once stood at West 131st Street just east of Twelfth Avenue (most recently the site of the West Market Diner). There's an 1862 photo of the enterprise on page 92 of my book, "Manhattanville: Old Heart of West Harlem." But even not so distantly, beer gardens were fairly plentiful around central Harlem. One of the swankiest was the Harlem Tavern which opened in the former Connie's Inn space on Seventh Avenue and 132nd Street in 1933. I'm glad to see beer gardens making a comeback.