Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We mentioned a few years back that one day Lenox Avenue will be known for its outdoor cafes and another new eatery has opened up for al fresco dining.  Babbalucci just opened several months ago with great wood burning oven pizza which includes an escargot offering but now has gone through all of the paperwork to set up additional seating out front on the sidewalk just north of 126th Street.  Neighboring Yuzu just did the same a few weeks back and other notable warm weather cafes can be seen along the boulevard at Chez Lucienne, Red Rooster, Sylvia's, Corner Bistro,  Lenox Saphire, Cheri, Barawine, Chaiwali, Settepani and Harlem Shake.

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  1. Both Barawine and Settepani have not had their outdoor seating out yet this year-- any idea way? Seems strange with all the beautiful weather we've had.