Friday, May 27, 2016


Many have noticed the photo of Harlem fashionista Lana Turner at Red Rooster looking over the stairwell leading down to Ginny's Supper Club and now uptowners will get a view of the style icon's 500 piece vintage collection. Ms. Turner can usually be seen around town impeccably dressed at big events and sporting a chic chapeau but few have seen all of style doyenne's archival pieces.  All throughout the summer, guests will be able to now see the sculptural hats on display on the shelfs of Red Rooster but might think that these are just objects of beauty and not functional fashion pieces.  A dramatic cloche that looks like the many faced Roman god Janus or a linear parasol appear to be just art but are actually meant be worn sur la tĂȘte.   Fashion enthusiasts should definitely make a point to get a closer look at the collection on the next dining visit or just drop by for a drink at the front bar to get a quick peak.

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