Friday, July 8, 2016


The new R.O.K.C ramen at 3452 Broadway by 141st Street finally received their liquor license this week.  Not only is the specialty ramen spot the place to go in Hamilton Heights for soup noodles but now crafted cocktails are in the mix.  We dropped by for the $1.50 oyster Happy Hour yesterday and tried out one of the unique cocktails to do a story on.  Japanese craftsmen go about things a little bit differently so we really did not know what to expect.

The order for the early evening hours was the spicy tequila cucumber cocktail with lime and bell pepper which came out with a fantastic flourish.  Basically a giant bell pepper that has been frozen rock hard becomes the cup for the actual drink which infuses flavor to the spirits while providing a visually stunning vessel.  A copper cup at the base is actually only for stabilizing purposes and one has to be careful while lifting the creation or otherwise an unfortunate tumble might occur.  Those who want truly artisan cocktails in Harlem should definitely drop by R.O.K.C. this weekend.  More in our past post: LINK

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