Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Alibi on 7th Avenue by 139th Street has just been open for a month now and we were able to drop by for a quick drink this past weekend.  Many have been wondering if the newcomer on Strivers row is a gay establishment and the rainbow flag on the door confirms it somewhat.  With that said, the polished parlor really caters to a mixed crowd that is looking for a more grownup spot to hang out and is worth checking out.

There is a modern 80s sort of glamour to the basement space that is super sleek in an almost kitsch sort of way but is somehow a breadth of fresh air on the historic block of Strivers row.  Signature cocktails with quirky names go for $14 and old standards are set at $11 per drink.  We met the owner who is extremely friendly and there was a nice amount of regular patrons already hanging out on a Sunday evening.  Alibi is definitely a great new addition for the uptown LGBT crowd but is also a welcoming spot that is open to anyone in the neighborhood looking for a quick drink and good conversation.  Read more about Alibi in our past post: LINK

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  1. Can confirm: this is a lovely establishment. It's only four blocks from my home and so has become my go-to place to meet local friends and neighbors for a drink.