Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Uptown is still one of the better deals to be had for renters in Manhattan with an average for a one-bedroom apartment set around $2,000 a month but two-bedrooms can still definitely be found at that price points.  A map via Zumper as featured in Time Out New York reveals that even prime parts of Brooklyn and Long Island City are $1,000 more a month to live in than the very accessible neighborhoods north of 96th Street.
Downtowners are paying almost $2,000 more a month to live further south in some cases which is probably why the overall averages are so high for the city.  Astoria is about the same for rent while the Bronx is the cheapest with an average about $500 less than in Harlem.  Washington Heights is actually the most affordable neighborhood on the island and those living furthest up north will save a couple of hundred more a month in comparison to the neighborhood below 155th Street.  more can be found on the Time Out New York site: LINK

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