Monday, August 15, 2016


The hot temperature this weekend did not stop one of East Harlem's oldest traditions as hundreds of Italians returned to the old neighborhood which used to be known as uptown's Little Italy up until the 1960s.  El Barrio became the moniker of the east side soon after but The Giglio Festival is a reminder of the immigrant heritage of the neighborhood that started a century ago over on Pleasant Avenue.  We have been going almost every year to see the large monument lifted several blocks to the local catholic church by a crew of strong men and it is always an inspiring event.

This festival is also a block party with the usual food merchants but one of the offerings at hand was a portable wood oven pizza stand that really provided some of the best bites we have had this month. Fireworks and family-friendly rides are also setup to celebrate the occasion but the main attraction was definitely the Giglio lift down the historic avenue.   Those interested in participation in future events should check out The East Harlem Giglio Society for more details: LINK

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