Friday, September 2, 2016


Hop House at 2224 FDB on the corner of 120th Street at the former Bad Horse Pizza space opened up about three weeks ago and we finally stopped by to check out the newest pub in South Harlem. The 65-seater is a family run business headed up by two sisters who are super knowledgeable with local brews and the bar offers up a dozen or so drafts.  We were actually amazed at how much bigger the space looked now and contemporary industrial aesthetic is quite current but a little more polished than the typical watering hole.  Wine is also included in the mix but how was the food?

Interestingly enough, the former ovens from Bad Horse are still in the kitchen so we had to try out the pizza offerings on the menu.  The gutsy meatball pie was recommended so we put an order in alongside a plate of fried pickles. Smaller, doughy, thick crust pizza has been the big trend as of late in the city but the thin crust variation that Hop House has created is a refreshing change.
There is a uniform, crispy char to the bar's pizza which can satisfy two light eaters or one hungry diner.  We also like the crispy, slightly sweet fried breaded pickles which were also a solid option to have a beer with but the pies here were the standout of the night.

Hop House is closed on Monday but the neighbored newcomer is definitely worth visiting during the days that they are open during the evening hours up until 11:00PM.   For more updates on Hop House, make sure to follow the official Instagram account: LINK

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