Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Thursday, October 27th,  6:00PM,  HDFC Coalition Meeting,  at the Malcolm X & Betty Shabbazz Center, 3940 Broadway at 165th Street.  Several decades ago when New York City was at the height of the crime and drug epidemic, the city government had to deal with neighborhood abandonment and came up with a program to provide affordable home ownership for those who would stay to fix things up in exchange for tax abatements.  These HDFC coops ran independently and many have been successful in a full turn around but now the City Council is drafting up more regulations which will take away much of the past financial autonomy.

A coalition of HDFC homeowners with a panel of lawyers have now been assembled to bring awareness to what is happening with the new agreement that is being drafted and shareholders that fall in this category should probably attend this Thursday's meeting.  More details on the issue along with a video of the CB10 meeting last month with HPD can be found on the official HDFC Coaliton website:

Those who can not make it this week should probably sign the online petition if this is a major concern: LINK

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