Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We dropped by Harlem's oldest pie shop on 122 Hamilton Place by 143rd Street this afternoon and there was line already forming to pick up orders for the holiday.  Locals from near and far were dropping by and ordering four or five pies at a time and the famous sweet potato recipe appeared to be most popular.  Other options included classic pumpkin, apple, peach cobbler, cherry, key lime, pecan, sweet three beanie and a many more.  picked up a pumpkin pie for our big annual family dinner which was fresh from the industrial kitchen in the back.  Everything is boxed up and ready to go after ordering so those who want to get one of the famous pies can drop by later this evening since the night hours are extended for Thanksgiving.  Sweet Chef Southern Style Bakery will also be open until 5:00PM on Thanksgiving day.  Call in advance at 914-258-4418 for a pickup order or for more details.

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