Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Crain's reports that the famous sidewalk shed on Lenox and 123rd Street might be finally coming down in 2017.  Those familiar with the story know that the aforementioned structure has been up since 2004 and just basically attracts loiterers during all hours of the day.  So what is actually going on here?

It turns out that a non-profit purchased everything for $2.7 million and could not afford the facade repairs as relegated by law for an older building since falling debris has in the past has been fatal to pedestrians in the city.  Landlords who refuse to fix their property use the shed instead of doing actual repairs as a cheap solution. Now city council has introduced a bill that says that the unsightly structures must be removed if work has not been done in 7 days on the building.  Another clause gives the city the authority to do the required repairs and charge the owner.   Read more about the proposed cure for the sidewalk shed blues in Crain's: LINK

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