Monday, January 9, 2017


A few of the single-story commercial buildings to right of the new Whole Foods address on 125th street had been torn down over the summer but what will arrive has been a mystery until now.  We received a Bespoke tip that a rendering has been made of new construction and one suggested big fashion retailer has been linked to the site.
This image from Winick Realty Group has been floating around but the actual space is not on the official website.  Forever 21 is probably more wishful thinking but the American Apparel is already within the Whole Foods development and looks to be doing pretty well as far as foot traffic goes.  We will not miss the aforementioned demolished architecture since everything was basically converted into bland white boxes with glass windows but in the past they did have some charm to them.  Check out what this block just west of Lenox used to look like in our previous post: LINK

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