Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The MTA probably had one of the most fashionable moments in history yesterday when they confirmed that cult skate board collection Supreme had indeed teamed up with the transportation agency to issue limited edition metro cards.  Those in the know are aware that street style has crept into the high fashion world in the past couple of years and even Louis Vuitton based their latest men's collection on the Supreme logo.  Only a few station in the city will carry the newly announced metro cards and the the 125th Street 2,3 stop has been listed as one of the locations.
Basically the underside of the card has the iconic red logo on it and the top remains classic yellow.  Union square had a mob of teenage boys hoarding the machines on Monday when the news broke out but the Harlem station was pretty tame.  There were a couple of skaters standing around the 125th kiosk yesterday when we purchased our card and they quickly ducked their heads to look below the machine to see the underside when it appeared.  Unfortunately a less fashionable standard metro card ejected and we just decided to move on from there.

It was originally announced that purchasing a $75 card would get the Supreme edition but apparently any price might beget the coveted card.  Those who are the lucky few should hold on to this collectors items since they are already selling for quite a bit of coin on Ebay in the past 24 hours.

UPDATE: We tried again the next day in the early afternoon but on the downtown side of the station.  The skateboarders were still hanging out and one of them got a red card and immediately tried to buy another.  That one came out as the standard issue.  This was a good sign and we punched in $5.50 as the amount which seems to be what everyone was using and it worked.

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