Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Vogue just announced that the next show for New York designer Alexander Wang will be in Hamilton Heights but the location is still a mystery.  Editors received an invite in the mail this week just with an address indicating Broadway and 146th Street as the location.  The obvious choice to us would be the old Hamilton Palace which was a theater back in the day but has been abandoned for several decades now.  Designers love being subversive by switching to a new, edgy location and Mr. Wang (who was also once creative director at Balenciaga) made the fashion editors go to Brooklyn a few years ago which caused quite a stir.  There might be other less glamorous choices on the block to stage the upcoming Fashion Week event but the grand old movie palace would probably be the best bet when it all drops on Saturday, February 11th.  Read more about the story in Vogue: LINK

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